Ryan and Katelyn | Chouteau Family Farm

Oklahoma Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer



When I left Ryan and Katelyn's house all I could say is WOW, these two are so in love and I am the one they picked to capture their big day. Talk about being blessed! The entire session was filled with the kind of laughter that makes your belly hurt and gives you an ab workout!

We had light issues, outfit malfunctions and the typical Oklahoma wind issues, but I still think the photos turned out great. I have never been a fan of shooting in broad daylight but after this session I learned that really isn't all that bad.

In the middle of the session they asked if they could take a picture of the cows in the background and I said sure, why not? We are on a farm. Shortly after, Ryan decided to pick Katelyn up and what I thought was fixing to be a cute "pick me up and kiss me shot" was Ryan attempting to put her face in cow manure. Yes, cow manure. I died inside. Not because it made me sick but because I knew right then, we were a perfect fit for each other. Couples who are completely themselves in front of a camera and who are not afraid to show who they really are, are the kind people I want in front of my camera 24/7. To say that I am excited for their wedding in September would be an understatement.