Best of 2017 | Oklahoma Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

2017 was my first official year of being the primary shooter at weddings and I was lucky enough to capture 4 beautiful weddings of my own this past fall and was a second shooter for 4 weddings with Emily Watkins and Chelsea Bollinger. 

I would have liked to have shot more weddings but I think God gave me what I could handle for my first year of being in business "officially" while having a full-time job during the week and graduating school in May. 

There were more mistakes made than I would have liked this year but that's just part of the growing pains and luckily I was blessed with some amazing clients.

In 2018 I hope to focus on the more intimate details of a wedding day and bring a more photojournalistic style to the plate. I caught myself one too many times this year trying to pose people in what was the so-called current "trendy" pose and I regretted each time. I compared myself to other well-established photographers who have been in the game for over 5 years and never gave myself credit for how far I have come. I followed too many photography groups and attempted Instagram pods for the first time but ended up failing because who on earth has time to spend 24/7 on social media? Not me, nor do I ever! Life is to short to spend it all day looking at a screen watching other people's lives when I have a beautiful life of my own that I take for granted.

So without going into too many details about 2017 struggles and happy moments here are a few favorites from all the weddings, engagement, senior portraits, and some personal ones, as well.