Picture by Mikayla Ogen

Picture by Mikayla Ogen

Hi, folks!

I'm Keely! And I am photographer but most importantly I am a story teller. My sessions are not just a "show up and click away" I like to get to know you and your story and document it through a series of photos. A little backstory of myself: I recently married my best friend Jeremiah Ross, in the tiniest, cutest, randomness place ever called, Ponca, Arkansas. I have been known to be very sporadic at times but then to be very lazy and just want to sit on the couch and cuddle with my German Shepherd, Nova. I recently graduated from OSU with a degree in agricultural communications and currently work full time as marketing specialist. I LOVE Chinese food, ice cream dates with my man and exploring new places. I am passionate about capturing authentic moments and then printing them out on a canvas rather than leaving them on a computer to sit for years.  

I would consider my photographic style very laid back and full of candid shots. I like the moments after you finish fake laughing! I try to create a unique session for every person by going to new locations and getting to know their interests in life. I am based out of Oklahoma but you bet I will jump on a plane to come explore with you! I offer special discounts for those who are interested in a session outside of Oklahoma. I guess you could say my personality and love for photography all combine the one thing that I believe is most important: telling stories.

Want to talk more details? Click here. Maybe we can go out for lunch sometime! I love meeting new people.

- Keely