Austin and Kelsey | Robbers Cave State Park, Oklahoma

Oklahoma Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

Hey, folks! School started to pick up and I never had the chance to blog these two beautiful humans adventurous engagement shoot. 

If anyone has been following my work you may have realized I have been shooting at Oklahoma state parks. Well, I decided why break the trend and just shoot at every state park in Oklahoma? I heard of Robbers Cave State Park, but I figured it was just a little park with a little cave. Boy, was I wrong!! It was gorgeous and Kelsey and Austin were so fun to take pictures of. They were down for all my ideas and even brought their cute little dog, #couplegoals.

Kelsey told me she wanted pine trees in her engagement session and Robbers Cave State Park did not disappoint!

I can't wait for their wedding in November! Enjoy the pictures! 

- Keely

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