Ida Osteras | Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refugee, Oklahoma

Oklahoma Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

Ida was born and raised in Norway and competed in cross country most of her life. She came to Oklahoma State University 5 years ago on a cross country scholarship and had high hopes of going far in the running world but life happened and was injured to the point she could no longer compete.

Once that chapter in her life closed she began seeking other opportunities in life. She hopes to work for the FBI and with how much drive and motivation this girl has there is no doubt in my mind that she will accomplish that goal. 

We ended up making a long road trip out to the Wichita Mountains a few weeks ago and even though the weather was cold and windy Ida was down for anything and it made my life SO much easier. She had so much natural beauty it was hard not to take a good picture. 

I hope you all enjoy the pictures and please feel free to like, comment and share!

- Keely