New Mexico Road Trip

Pud, my dad, Alex and I took a short trip down to New Mexico this past week and as always, I wanted to blog it.

Our Airbnb could not have been more perfect. We stayed right outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico in a small community called Eldorado. The below pictures are of the Airbnb and the surrounding areas by the house. Chris was a great host and would highly recommend him if you are ever in Santa Fe.

The main reason we took this little trip down to Santa Fe was because I was asked to photograph a sweet elopement from a friend. There will be an entire different blog about that adventure.

Before the wedding, I went to drop Pud off at a golf course. He was SO excited. Literally the only reason he came along with us on this trip and of course to spend time with me, but more so to golf! I then went to go drop my dad and Alex off so they can hike up a mountain. I was a little worried about my dad getting up to the top so I made sure to get a picture of them disappearing into the woods before hand :)

I did a quick little adventure of my own before heading back into town and snapped a few shots. I could have stayed up there for hours.

Like I said, there will be an entire different blog about these two but here is just one to share how cute they are and this location. It was jaw dropping. I would link the location but I had to sign a contract saying I wouldn't name the location of this spot for the sole purpose of them trying to decrease tourist and people like me.

Sunday I was determined to do a little hiking of my own but…that didn’t happen. Instead Alex and I took a little walk in the community we were staying in and found a garage sale and you wouldn’t believe what they were selling! Nikon film cameras! My dad ended up buying the camera and three lens for $100 and I got a nice North Face hiking bag for $20. I’d say that was a win.

After we packed our stuff up we went back into Santa Fe one last time to do a little shopping downtown. Pud was there the night before and spotted some beautiful handmade turquoise jewelry. I have been collecting turquoise jewelry for over 6 years now so I was pretty excited to get my hands on some!

After our short little shopping trip we set out for one more stop at the Pecos National Historical Park. You can visit the website to read more about the history. The place was pretty neat!! All I have to say is beware of rattlesnakes! We encountered one as soon as we seen the beware sign! YUCK.

I’d say the trip was a huge success and made some great memories! It was nice to bring family along while I was on a “work” trip, though it doesn’t feel like work when you get to visit places like this. :)